Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Letter To Eric Wedge

I wrote this fictional letter to Eric Wedge days before the end of the season. It is a direct attack on the Eric Wedge haters of the world, showing how well he managed 2007. I miss Tribe baseball a lot, and this is a good letter


Dear Eric Wedge,

Welcome to the 2007 season of baseball. Considering last year's terrible record, your expectations for this season cannot be very high, but we're going to let you know what's in store for you this season. First let's discuss your off-season pickups.

We know you're expecting big things from the additions of David Delluci and Trot Nixon. Even if you're not expecting big numbers, we know you can at least anticipate mild production from your two biggest free agent pickups, and guys with great track records in the corner outfield spots. Unfortunately, neither of these guys are going to do much. You'll get seven home runs, and fifty-one RBI from them combined. By mid July, neither will be getting regular playing time, and will be non-factors.

As far as your infielders go, 75% of the infield will be turned over this year. Unfortunately, as you already know, you won't have a lock at 1st base until mid-May – hopefully, first base isn't that big of a priority. As far as the trade you made for the new franchise second baseman, expect about a .250 average, and three homeruns. Oh, like Nixon and Delucci, Barfield won't play much after August 5th. Sorry. And your new franchise third baseman, Andy Marte? Well, he'll hit .267 with 16 home runs in 352 at bats…in Buffalo. Don't expect much from the new infield, because by August 1st, it will have turned over 75% again. Sorry.

Now to your pitching acquisitions.: Your new closer? Oh, he retired. But you already knew that, so you'll have to find a replacement for him. Unfortunately it won't be your answer, nor will your 6 million dollar setup man Roberto Hernandez. He'll give you 28 appearances, post a 6.23 ERA and will be cut by June and replaced with a AA reliever. Your free agent that will assume the closer role Joe Borowksi? Good luck winning the close ones with his 5.00 ERA. Nothing will come easy, but how many games can you possibly be leading in anyways? Let's look at the setup.

Your division includes the last 2 American League champions. Teams your going to have to play a combined 36 times. Oh, and neither of these teams won the division last year, that team thrown in amounts to 56 of your games or 35% of your schedule. Sorry. In addition to your crazy division, you'll also be forced to face the two time defending Cy Young award winner six times. That's right, I'm sorry, but almost 4% of your games will be against the best pitcher in baseball. And of the three no hitters thrown this year, two of them will be from guys in your division, and guys you'll have to face a total of ten times. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you have a good pitching staff too. Well, let me tell you something about your pitching staff.

Your 1 and your 5 will be great. It's your 2-3-4 I need to warn you about. Between you're 2-3-4 starters, you'll get 52 starts. They'll post a combined 5.51 ERA, and go a combined 12-23. Two of them will spend most of the season in Buffalo, and one will miss 2 months on the DL. So as far as your dominant staff goes, you're kind of on your own.

At least you have your offense though right? Well, unfortunately, your two best players in the 2006 campaign aren't really going to be big factors this year. Grady and Travis will hit a combined .267 with a combined 260 strikeouts. They'll both be good, but neither will give you the production I know your expecting to counter all of the disappointing off-season acquisitions.

So, now that you know how your roster is going to shape up, maybe you can make some early adjustments and avoid another disappointing first half. I know you're in Chicago right now, and I'd love to send this letter to Jacob's Field, but you won't play a game there for two more weeks. Speaking of which, if you still think you could win with this group, let me make one more point. Every team in the league gets 81 home games, and 81 road games except for two. This year, Seattle is going to have 82 home games and 80 road games. Lucky guys. Hope they lose their manager in the middle of a winning streak or something. As far as you guys go, you guys get 77 at home and 85 on the road. You should be able to compensate.

I know you've got this season. Keep in mind if you fall short of a division championship, you'll most likely be looking for work by the end of October. Have a great year.

Good Luck,
The Fates

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