Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Romeo is on squad

So Romeo Crennell signed an extension and he's on squad until 2011. Despite what some writers, bloggers and narrow minded friends of mine think, this can only be a good thing. The couple of mil a year they're paying him doesn't count against the cap, the team seems to be going in the right direction and if worse comes to worse, and we start 0-6 next year, WHO CARES.

Chud becomes the coach and we have to buy out Romeo. As if this is the first time this has ever happened. When you sign a QB to a long term deal it matters. If the guy starts to suck, you have to pay him amounts of guaranteed money, the contract could lead to controversy (see Philadelphia), and it could play out ugly.

In the case of the coach, it seems the only effect this has is that his owner gave him a vote of confidence TODAY.

And in his defense, what is the issue. Its funny to me how people get on Crennel and Wedge. Transposed to a baseball season, Crennel just won the equivalent of 100 games. Not bad for a team that won the equivalent of 40 the year before. And look how he's done it.

In his first two years he was subject to not only Butch Davis's mistakes; but many of Phil Savage's too. His two QB's those years were Trent Dilfer and THIRD ROUND PICK Charlie Frye. He didn't have Kellen in year one, and the ENTIRE DEFENSE from 2005 was basically turned over save Roye and Davis. He inherited one of the worst O-Line's I've ever seen, and in two years, the biggest O-line addition he received (LeChuck doesn't count) was Block Faker Kevin Schaeffer.

Schaeffer's first play was a holding penalty that nullified what would have been the longest TD of the year.

It was Romeo's call to put in DA in week 1. It was Romeo's call to stick with him all year. Chud is a genius, and an offensive mastermind, but Romeo put him there.

I admire Phil Savage for bringing in guys like Steinbach, Lewis and Jurevicious. I applaud his drafting of Thomas, Quinn, Pool and Braylon. And of course who can forget signing JC. But it was Romeo's job to establish a winning culture.

Which he has done.

Ask Willie McGinest. The Willie McGinest who admittedly spent most of the year chasing guys half his age and probably was more responsible for the second Pittsburgh loss than anyone, but who also has played for Parcells and Bellichek. Been to 4 super bowls. I think he knows a good coach. He loves Ro.

Ask rookie Joe Thomas who is considered by many (including me) to be the missing link to the Browns' woes. He likes Ro.

The guy is a winner. Blame him for calling time out in the Pittsburgh game (even though it was Leon Williams). Blame him for starting Frye this year (even though the decision probably came from upstairs considering Frye's draft investment and local ties). But if you do blame him for these things. Then give him credit too.

Give him credit for taking a team many considered to be the worst in football after week 1, a team who had lost their starting QB, and who was down 7-0 at home to a division opponent. When Rudi Johnson scampered around Eric Wright down the left sideline and curled in for a score, what were the odds of the Browns ending up 10-6?

The very next week, when the Browns blew a winnable game on the road, sat at 1-2, just ended a teams long losing streak and were on a 5 hour flight home knowing they had the 2-1 Ravens and the 3-0 Pats up next, did you think they'd be 10-6?

The guy succeeded. Like his counterpart at the Jake, fans continue to argue that they won despite his coaching. I'm here to tell you that over 162 game baseball season, and a gruelling 17 week football season - THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

You win because of your coach. Like him or not, Romeo's done a hell of a job and now has a brand new deal because of it.

Congrats Coach,
Now take us up to 12 wins.

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