Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm still not over October

As spring training approaches and opening day is a mere seven weeks away, everyone is talking about the upcoming baseball season. All over there is talk about Santana and the Tigers, The Red Sox and the Yankees - Two Toris have invaded LA - one will play center down in Anaheim, one will be managing up the street for the Dodgers. In Cleveland all anyone wants to talk about is a guy that isn't a free agent for a year - the same guy who 11 months ago was hearing noise about not being an ace - and now 18 mil a year isn't enough.

There's a lot to talk about after the Super Bowl and before opening day. That's what this time is - a lot of talk. We're still months away from baseball's first pitch, Tiger teeing on on Thursday at Augusta or the NFL draft.

We're still months away from the Final Four, The NBA stretch run or anything that has to do with sports mattering. Which means that the talk, which has been growing on a level that would make Roger Clemens forehead blush gets a 2 month spotlight. No games or important things to interrupt hours of talk about everything from LSU's Glenn Dorsey to LSU's Glen Davis.

But here's the thing. I'm not listening.

In fact, I haven't paid attention to a single morsel of MLB news since October 28th. I'm sure there was a World Series played, and judging by the incessant shots of Jonathan Paplebon celebrating like he's have an enema, I gathered that Boston won. I'm sure the Rockies put up a great fight, but it appears now that Beckett, Papi and Dusting Fucking Pedroia were too much for the outclassed champs of the other league.

I gathered Santana was traded to the Mets, but for whom I couldn't tell you.
I know about the Miggy Cabrera/Dontrelle trade only for fantasy purposes (the biggest loser here is Andrew Miller owners).
I'm sure a lot of stuff (Joe Torre, Torri Hunter, A-Rod, whoever is managing the Yankees now, talk about the Red Sox repeating (or as far as most of their fan base is concerned: going for their 5th in a row), has been topics of conversation between the Wilbons, Kornheisers, Patricks, and Rodas of the world.
I'm sure this whole CC scenario is mighty interesting, and I'm sure the pressure is on Wedge to progress past his 96 win season, MOY award and almost reaching the World Series (but they said we'd be contending by now!!!) - but i'm not over October yet.

I'm not over Pedroia, Youklis, Beckett, Dice-K, whoever the hell started game 6 (that blonde guy?).
I'm not over Westbrook, CC, Fausto, and Lofton.
I am not over thinking that we were going to win the World Series.
I'm not over the "December 27th 1964" texts I got on October 28th.
I'm not over that Saturday, after I LEFT, because I couldn't watch anymore, seeing the 8th inning playing out through the window at a bar in Korea Town thinking, it's ok, we've got tomorrow.
I'm not over my favorite team of the last 20 years, the team I followed every day, KNOWING that if they can catch some breaks, steal a game, and get hot at the right time, that they were the best team in the league.
I'm not over rooting against The Yankees, the Red Sox, the Umpires, TBS, Fox, and Red Sox nation all in the same month. I couldn't tell you who I end up despising most, but lets just say Tim McCarver.
I'm not over the 3-1 lead, or Kenny's home run.
I'm not over the bug game, the Byrd game, the 11th inning game, or the 7 run inning off of Wakefield.
I want next year to start, not because it could be our year, but because I want to have a new memory to replace the ones that are already stored and filed under "the year the Tribe won the world series" in my brain.

And while I'm sure there are a lot of great story lines to discuss for 2008, I can't join yet - I'm still not over 2007.


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