Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thirty things I'll Miss

Thirty things I'll miss about Hollywood:

As I've informed some of you, after eighteen months of making my residence in Hollywood, next month I am leaving. My roommate, Professor O'fahtchey and I are packing up our boxes, hiring two gentlemen to move us, and taking the elevator up to the twelfth floor of a downtown apartment building. To those of you back home, a seven and a half mile lateral move may seem irrelevant, but in LA, those 7.8 miles essentially represent an Atlantic Ocean of poor-Mexican neighborhoods and gentrified hipster hangouts. We are saying goodbye to a part of town that has been romanticized in books, film, and music for a century; filled with streets that are known worldwide and tourist attractions that sit at the top of most German tourist's guidebooks. And I, for one, will miss it. And so, for the next thirty days, leading up to our monumental migration, I will countdown the things I will miss most. Thirty in all, these things represent where I hung out, how I felt, and what I did during the last eighteen months of my life.

Those familiar enough with the area and cynical enough to live in this city will be quick to point out that a few of these places are not technically within the domain of "Hollywood" or that they are not unique to Hollywood. My response to that is: they are in MY Hollywood. They are a members of a club in which, not only are they part of my Hollywood life, but they will be given up in exchange for newer things with my move downtown.

I hope you enjoy the things that I have enjoyed for the last year and a half.

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